Saturday, December 03, 2005

Now that the exams are over, and its time for some BORING administrative job (that of burning money on some "US news" ranked universities), I feel the incessant urge of wasting time. Hence,I decided to revive my blog. Its been moths since I have blogged. Infact, I deleted my last blog account.
Mainly because,I , being THE LAZY guy, I do not have the enthu to regularly write posts. However, still, I decided to give it a try again. After all, I am finally going out into the big bad world where regularity, punctuality, persistence etc. matters a great deal. ]
But then again there is this eternal problem " what on earth am I going to write?" about my vegetable techie existence at IIT. which is largely dominated by orkut and netsurfing (which has been made more boring by the cyclone BAAZ), or am I going to write obscure blog posts about computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer!!!
for the want of a proper topic ,I close my first post on this blog here.