Sunday, January 27, 2008

IITM Courses on the Web

A series of IITM courses have been put up on Youtube here. (Source:nanopolitan)
Prof. Mangal Sundar's hard work finally pays off.
Hats off to him,one of the great guys I have seen at IITM.
I watched some of the videos for this one.
Looks great!

Also,it feels great to be sitting in the classroom of one of my favorite professors after some time!! :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The People's Car

Ratan Tata proudly announced as the "People's Car". While the Nano was released amidst all the
fanfare, and it was hailed as the pinnacle of
technological achievement, the sad irony of the
"people's car" slipped out of the mind of the media
and the millions of viewers.
In today's liberalized India,suddenly, the word "people" has started to mean its tiny upwardly mobile middle class. For a counstry that used to
swear by Gandhiji's "talisman", there could not
be any greater contradiction.

The People's Car indeed...
The unregistered "borgadaars" who used to work for landowners in the fields of Singur,the
unwilling peasants who still haven't taken their meager compensations. Yes,indeed it is the
peoples car.
When Ratan Tata starts his bullcock story about the middle class couple blah blah, is he trying to
portray himself as the people's entrepreneur?
Mr. Tata, the average Indian is intelligent enough to see through your "manufactured" oratory.
An attempt to endure yourself to the Indian "Middle Class" is a carefully crafted business move
to tap into one of the world's potentially wealthiest markets.
If you really had any sense of social responsibility, couldn't you have mentioned the farmers
of Singur,thanked them once,at least once, in a single wasted sentence in the number of
hours that you spent in your technically dazzling presentation, and the press conference that followed?
I believe they are not high enough in the species tree to be termed as "people"....
Alas,Mr. Tata, you never dream of these lesser species in your "sponsored" dreams................